Fractional COO/CFO

Congratulations! You have built your company to the point where you need the expertise and insight of a COO or CFO, just not on a full-time basis.  A fractional (part-time) COO or CFO provides the skills your business needs to bridge the gap between where you are today and where you will be tomorrow.

Why consider a Fractional COO or CFO?

As a business grows, there comes the point where it can use the expertise of a finance and operations executive, but it neither needs or can afford to bring that experience onboard on a full-time basis.  Enter the Fractional (part-time) COO/CFO.

INFLEXIONS Fractional COO/CFO services provide critical, temporary executive-level leadership to help growing businesses reach their goals.  We work with start-up, growth and expansion stage companies to support their vision, translate the vision into financially viable plans, and manage the implementation of those plans.


Working Together

INFLEXIONS strives to be a trusted advisor and business partner.  To that end, we will provide your organization with economical access to experienced advisors that are passionate about building great businesses.  Mandates will be flexible, adaptable, fit within your budget and designed together to maximize success.

You are committed to building a great business.
We share that commitment.